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Why SMART Goals Are DUMB

We take a look at resolutions, the traditional S.M.A.R.T. (specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, time-sensitive) goals structure, and the limitations of each.

Quick Fix: Exercise

Oefening, or Exercise in the common tongue, has been around as long as we have had limbs to move. Although it has changed dramatically over human history, the fundamentals remain the same. Here’s Dave to tell you more.

Quick Fix: Visiting Your GP

Phil tells me there’s these people that have studied for a great number of years to become qualified people that allow them to check other people’s general health condition.

DIPMCS Examples – Flexibility

Continuing on with our DIPMCS examples, we decided to tackle Flexibility, as Phil is in some dire need of some limbering up! We break down the system in with these easy to follow steps and mindset to progress you in the direction of becoming a flexible human. Check out our previous videos for more a […]

Procrastination: Why Do We Do It?

Why do we procrastinate? We take a quit look at the reasons behind the avoidance.

STRESS: Do you know what stresses you?

We all get stressed sometimes, some more than others. But do you know what stresses you? I mean really know. Can you break it down to identify the cause of your stress so that you can fix it? We provide a simple technique that can get you started on the right path.

The Physical Stress Response: The Fallout

Stress harms your body and your mind. This is how.

The Physical Stress Response: The Reaction

Headaches? Flushed face? Restless leg? Nail biting? What does your stress look like?

Ergonomics: The Desk Jockey Slouch

You may like to imitate your favourite horse rider down the home stretch at the races. But that doesn’t mean you should continue their posture at your desk all day. Check out what it’s doing to your health and how to fix it.

Ergonomics: Curing the Desk Jockey Slouch

A simple solution to a simple problem. So why aren’t we doing it?

Ergonomics: To Stand or Not to Stand?

To stand or not to stand(ing desk), that is the question. We take a look at the benefits, if any, of the standing desk and what you need to know before considering one.

Perception: Challenging our preconceptions

Perception is crucial. The way in which we perceive things dictates our response to them. So how do we change an unhealthy perspective? Take a look at this week’s article for a step by step guide.

Perception: Illusory Correlation

Do you stereotype? Do you exaggerate based on the smallest piece of information? Blame illusory correlation. Here’s why…

Perception: Confirmation Bias

On World Mental Health Day, let’s take a step back and assess how we perceive ourselves, others, and our place in the world.

Procrastination: How We Fix It

We revealed why we procrastinate previously, now here’s a feature on how we can fix it.

Why SMART Goals Are Dumb

How do you plan your goals? Do you use the SMART structure? Have you used it in the past? Did it work for you? We challenge the commonly used goal setting system, and share a different approach to achieving planned success in you life.

Successful Snacking

We now know the main reasons why we snack, so how do we stop? Or, if we can’t, or simply don’t want to stop, how do we make sure we’re snacking on the right things?

Why We Snack?

We hope you have had a joyful and safe Christmas and New Year break, and didn’t turn into a Christmas ham like we did. But if you find yourself still snacking on all the naughty things well into the new year, we have detailed for you a few reasons why.

DIPMCS Example: Nutrition

Hopefully you have been able to put the DIPMCS system to good use in recent weeks. But if you still can’t wrap your head around it, that’s okay, it’s all apart of the process, however, we thought we would help you along your path by providing a few examples of how it works in everyday […]

Do you DIPMCS (dip-em-cus) ?

Not the sexiest of acronyms, we know, but if you look past the name, we think you will find this new way of setting goals to be highly effective in achieving long term success. DIPMCS Direction – choose a direction or path, not a destination Identity – identify yourself as a person who would achieve […]

Quick Fix: Stress

Having a stressful day? Don’t know what to do to fix it, or even where to begin? Try these quick 4 steps, they could be a life saver!

Quick Fix: Vegetables

Are you getting enough of the good old green stuff?

Quick Fix: Sleep

Are you getting enough of the good stuff?

Quick Fix: Research

Through extensive research, we have discovered that research, isn’t actually being researched correctly!

Mindfulness Collection

What is mindfulness and why is everyone talking about it? We go through how you can use it to improve your day to day life.


A wealth of knowledge just a click away, from experts in the field.

Simple Framework for Maximising The Energy of Your Staff

If you want to be effective, get simple, get clear take action and don’t stop.

The Most Important Element of Workplace Wellbeing

Nothing is too hard and nobody is too busy.  If it’s not getting done it’s just not a priority.  Simple as that.

Building Momentum with Health and Wellbeing Checks

A body at rest wants to remain at rest, and a body in motion wants to stay in motion, unless acted upon by other forces. Newton’s first law applies to health and wellbeing as much as it does physics.

Mastering the Office Comeback: Your Ultimate Guide

Read time:  3 minutes 31 seconds Hybrid work is a huge bonus for a lot of people. If you want to change that, make sure there’s a damn good reason.   The last few years have been an absolute whirlwind of changes, some good, many bad, but the one thing that can’t be denied is […]

Practical Self-Care for the Modern High Performer

Athletes don’t roll their eyes at self-care. Athletes know that how well they care for themselves will ultimately dictate how well they can perform. 

Worker Wellbeing By the Numbers – How do you Stack Up?

According to the stats, workers are struggling and our management strategies aren’t hitting the mark.

Wellbeing at a Tipping Point in Education

Read time:  2 minutes 3 seconds If we don’t have quality teachers, our whole future is in jeopardy.   Picture this. The bell rings, but there’s no teacher in sight. Kids are sitting in their seats but their classroom echoes with an unnerving silence as they wait. This is a reality we’re edging closer to everyday. […]

Once Upon a Time There Was a High Performing Team…

The Turbulent Tale of the High Performing Team Read time:  2 minutes 47 seconds Wellbeing dynamics refers to the complex interplay of factors and conditions that affect the physical, emotional and mental health and wellbeing within groups of people, and how those factors are influenced by the environment, relationships and circumstances that are present. Once upon […]

The Story of the Leader Who Wanted Buy-in

Once upon a time there was a great leader. She worked in the mystical realm of people, which was the hardest of all the jobs.

2024 is Your Year

Everything up to now has been training. Now it’s game time.

What a Year!

Here we are at the end of another incredibly eventful year. There is so very much going on in the world right now and more is being added all the time.

6 Reasons Why Wellbeing is the Ultimate Value Add

When we measure value in more than money we recognise much more of it.

The Impact of Workplace Wellbeing Specialists

Workplace wellbeing specialists are the future of workplace wellbeing, and they’re way more accessible than you think. 

Preventing Team Burnout in High Workload Periods

Manage your team’s workload as much as you can. When you can’t, manage your team.

How Workplace Wellbeing Can Fix The Economy

Workplace wellbeing is not just another corporate fad, it is the future of preventative healthcare.

Workplace Wellbeing ROI Cheap vs Value

Anything you pay for that doesn’t produce results is expensive, no matter how small the outlay.  Anything that provides you with positive ROI is value for money, regardless of how much it costs. 

Tap Into Your Greatest Wellbeing Resource For Free

The most common issue leaders face when it comes to improving the wellbeing of their staff is they don’t know where to start. There are so many aspects of it, so many frameworks and so many avenues to take that it’s easy to become overwhelmed.

How To Get More Top Performers In Your Organisation

When it comes to your workforce, the top 20% are likely making 80% of the impact. This is the Pareto principle and it’s the reason companies are always searching for that next ‘high performer’

5 ergonomics steps to get a quick wellbeing win

Addressing just a few fundamental concepts of ergonomics now can save you time, money, and plenty of stress down the line.

EAP vs Workplace Wellbeing Specialists

The days of ‘set and forget’ when it comes to wellbeing are over. Now, a more proactive approach is needed.

7 Steps To Creating a Culture of Wellbeing

A culture of wellbeing is more than words on a wall. It is a drastic and resolute intention of will, backed up by unwavering daily action.

The best way to create impact and simplify workplace wellbeing

You don’t need to be an expert to make an impact. You just need to leverage the people who are.   Getting workplace health and wellbeing right is bloody hard. There are so many variables and moving parts and consequences and opinions and HR teams have been thrown right into the thick of it and […]

The truth about wellness perks in 2023

A couple of years ago wellness perks were all the rage. Gym memberships for all, fruit bowls in the kitchen, ping pong tables in the breakroom and free beer on Friday’s seemed to be the way a lot of companies chose to engage their staff and help boost their wellbeing.

What does an onsite wellbeing practitioner do?

An onsite wellbeing practitioner is someone who is skilled in delivering workplace wellbeing initiatives, who is hired by a company to help improve the health and wellbeing of their people.

5 Predictions for Workplace Wellbeing in 2023

Workplace wellbeing is key to business performance. Those who embrace it will benefit. Those who do not will suffer.

How to plan your workplace wellbeing program for 2023

Workplace wellbeing programs can be daunting prospects because they seem so very large before we begin. We all know how important they are and as well-meaning as we are, we don’t want to do the wrong thing by our companies or our people, so we tend to procrastinate on them. This is totally understandable, but […]

Lessons from a culture done right.

In 1987 Paul O’Neill was appointed CEO of Alcoa. The company was struggling with failed production lines, mounting staffing costs and a declining stock price. By all accounts, it was on life support.

How to plan your workplace wellness program for 2022

2022 will be the year of workplace wellness.

What does workplace health look like now (post COVID19)?

There is very little that COVID-19 has left untouched, and workplace health programs are a part of this incredibly long list.

Benefits of Workplace Health Programs

Workplace health programs are having their day in the sun, and for good reason.

5 mistakes HR managers make when starting a wellness program

With all that’s been going on this past year, our health has never been more front of mind, and for good reason.

Client Case Studies

These are real people from various companies that we consult with. Whilst these stories are great examples, they are far from unique and represent a great many of the people we work with every day.

Curing the dreaded hangover

Everyone has a tried and tested hangover cure, and you’ve probably heard of plenty of them, but what actually works?

Procrastination: Why do we do it and how do we fix it?

We loathe it, yet we’re all guilty of it. We know we don’t want to do it but it’s just so hard to stop!

Resolutions are wishful thinking

Let me be clear from the outset. I have no problem with resolutions.

Do you DIPMCS?

I have always had issues with SMART goals. I believe they are not suited for the majority of people making everyday goals

Why SMART goals are dumb

For some time now I’ve had a few issues with SMART goals. They’re not quite all they’re cracked up to be.

How a morning can change your life

In the 10 or so years that I’ve been in workplace health I’ve completed close to 20,000 health consultations.

Fast Facts

A sneak peek at the fact sheets included with our health seminars.

Gut Health

The new buzz term around the health industry. We separate the crap from the facts to give you a better understanding of what’s going on down there.  

Habit Change

Habits are routine behaviours created from repetition and physiologic exposure that are completed, often subconsciously, in order to serve a purpose. Understanding them, is the first step to taking control of them.  

Silly Season

As fun as the end of the year is, we all know how challenging it can be for our health. We share some tips for you to stick to our good habits, especially when things start to get a bit haphazard.  

Health on the Go

Whether it be overseas, interstate, or in the car all day visiting clients, it’s hard to maintain a consistent routine when our daily requirements are constantly changing. Luckily there are some simple ways we can mitigate this and ensure we stay healthy, even with the most chaotic of schedules.  

Immune Health

Things are quite literally trying to kill us all the time. It’s not their fault, it’s just what they do. Bacteria, viruses, fungi, they’re all trying to grow and replicate, and they often want to use our bodies to do it. We look at how this incredibly useful and complex system protects us.  

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