Provide Mental Resilience Training for your Staff

      • Accurately assess the current mental resilience of your staff. 

      • Improve mental resilience across the board.

      • Upskill your staff in effective stress management techniques.

      • Reduce psychosocial safety hazards.

Stress management and mental resilience training are becoming a must in today’s hectic times.

The world continues to get crazier and more stressful with each passing year and it doesn’t look like slowing down anytime soon. 

Stress is a necessary part of performance and growth, but too much of it over long periods of time can be incredibly harmful.

For this reason, it falls to each of us to learn how to manage and utilise stress to our benefit and not let it control and harm us.

Kinex Health’s mental resilience training program does just that.

We provide your staff with the knowledge and tools they need to identify, manage, and utilise stress, and build their mental resilience, so they can manage their lives more effectively. 


Mental Resilience Training Inclusions:

      • 60 minute face-to-face introduction seminar (webinar included for remote employees).

      • Initial evaluation of resilience levels via a psychometrically sound and validated survey.

      • Weekly topics delivered through the course via video and text.

      • 5 concise, weekly sessions of 2 – 3 minutes each on each topic to keep employees informed and engaged.

      • Weekly exercises to elicit action and promote meaningful change.

      • Option to call or video conference a mental resilience specialist to assist with any aspect of the program or for a general mental health consultation.

      • Follow up mental resilience evaluation and subsequent report of progress across all staff.

      • Company-wide report showing initial and final mental resilience scores across the entire company, as well as areas of concern, which will help guide future initiatives.

A woman completing the online portion of the mental resilience training.
Mental resilience training being provided to staff in an office setting via a presentation

This form of self-paced training is engaging, effective and practical and is designed specifically for the work environment.

For more info on how you can book this for your staff today, hit the button below to get in touch.

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