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Everything up to now has been training. Now it’s game time.

Training is supposed to be hard in order to prepare you for game time.

You push your limits to see where they are.

You try and fail and either try again harder or find another way to do it.

You practise things you think you might need and you have all sorts of crazy obstacles thrown at you so that when the real thing comes, you’re ready.

In many ways, this is how we can approach our lives.

The 2020’s have been a pretty wild ride so far, and we can either look at 2024 as another obstacle in our path, or we can look at it as the big game we’ve been training for this whole time.

Our experiences shape us and strengthen us in ways that we don’t always see right away, but when we take some time to appreciate how far we’ve come it can give us the strength to go much further, because we know we can.

It’s our choice how we see things and I choose to see the challenges of the past as preparation for the future, and I choose to make this the best year I’ve had so far.

I sincerely hope you’ll choose the same and let’s make this year ours together.

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Is this a year where things happen to you or the one where you’re strong enough to make things happen for you?

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