Your next high performer is already amongst your ranks just waiting to be unlocked.



When it comes to your workforce, the top 20% are likely making 80% of the impact.

This is the Pareto principle and it’s the reason companies are always searching for that next ‘high performer’.

That one in a hundred person that is smart, dedicated and energetic.

The one who doesn’t get sick and produces high quality work over a long period of time.

People like this can turn your teams and business around but the problem is they’re difficult to find and even when you do find them, they’re expensive to recruit and tough to hold onto.

But, what if you didn’t have to find them somewhere else?

What if your next crop of top talent are already in your company, but they’re just operating way under their potential?

It’s no secret that our physical health, our mental wellbeing and our performance are inextricably linked.

As one increases, so do the other two, but as one decreases, we tend to see a drop in the others.

This is the reason that so much performance potential is being left on the table, so to speak, because the health and wellbeing of staff is significantly below where it should be.

The average Australian is overweight, has a poor diet, doesn’t exercise regularly, sleeps less than 7 hours and has at least one long-term health condition.

This significantly impacts their ability to self-motivate, produce sustained energy, think clearly, access creativity, and regulate their emotions effectively, all things that a high performer generally does well.

This does not mean that typically unhealthy people cannot be high performers, but it does mean that they are continuously operating below capacity, and requiring more effort to do it, due to not being physically able to access the full potential of their bodies and minds.

If we can unlock this potential, however, we have just found a very simple, very cost-effective way to bump the performance of the entire workforce up several notches.

Your poorest performers are brought up to an acceptable standard, your average performers become high performers and your high performers not only become even better but can now sustain that performance over long periods of time without burning out.

Not only this but by making the health and wellbeing of your people a priority you create a strong, caring company culture which makes it more likely you’ll keep your best people and attract more top talent naturally without having to pay overs in compensation.

The health and wellbeing of your staff is critical to the work they can produce and is a vast and untapped resource that does not take a great deal to unlock.

All it takes is commitment from the top, attention and effort in the right areas, and a fraction of the resources you would have dedicated to trying to buy your next top talent.

If you want to know more about how you can tap into the potential of your staff in a practical way, click here to get in touch and we can help you, because it’s what we’re best at.



How much potential could you tap into if your staff were all healthy and well?

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