Upskill Your Staff with Corporate Wellness Workshops

      • Upskill and improve employee health and wellbeing. 

      • Deliver complex information in simple, relatable terms.

      • Provide information your people need and care about. 

      • Tailor sessions to fill the health gaps in your workforce.

Our interactive wellness workshops and seminars are a fun and engaging way to deliver health information your staff can actually use. Over many years and hundreds of sessions we have carefully curated our wellness workshops and seminars to be interactive, engaging, and informative, and they’re one of our most well received initiatives.

Kinex Health Director Phil Wolffe delivering a wellness seminar

Run in-person or virtually, our sessions don’t just deliver information but encourage audience participation and engagement to embed the learnings and ensure your people get the most out of the experience.

Our presenters are experts in their chosen fields and create a conversational environment where all questions and opinions are encouraged in order to increase understanding and knowledge retention.

We have a variety of topics available including:

        • Habit change.

        • Mental resilience.

        • Stress management.

        • Avoiding burnout.

        • Nutrition.

      • Men’s health.

      • Women’s health.

      • Exercise methods.

      • Gut health.

      • Ergonomics.

      • Immune health.

      • Productivity hacks.

      • Health mythbusters.

      • And much more.

Our wellness workshops and seminars are perfect for wellness weeks, sales meetings, off-sites, or as a monthly or quarterly keystone for your health and wellbeing program. 

They can be delivered to smaller teams or across an entire organisation and can be tailored to suit your needs.

However you choose to use them, they are a fun and affordable option to deliver valuable information that your staff want and can apply to their loves in a practical way.

Our consultants service all major Australian cities and surrounding areas and can deliver multiple wellness seminars and workshops on the same day if required.  

A work group engaging in a wellness workshop

For more info on how you can book this for your staff today, hit the button below to get in touch.