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We build your bespoke wellness program using our expert knowledge, along with the information we gather from you, your leadership team and your employees, to meet your strategic business objectives and budget.

We can facilitate your wellness month, run weekly bootcamps, or give your employees regular health consultations. Whatever you want in a health program, we can deliver – on-site or online.

You can also build your own program from any of our services.

Mental Health First Aid Training*

Participants will receive the training and knowledge to recognise the signs and symptoms of mental illness in their co-workers, as well as the skills to provide assistance to them.

*Facilitated through a registered provider

Resilience Building Program

This online, 8-week interactive program is proven to build resilience and self-efficacy amongst your workforce.

Kinex Health Plus

A dedicated Instagram feed built specifically for your company. An extensive library of health tips, exercise videos, nutrition info and cooking tips with real-time support and updated health news that is relevant to your people.

Habit Change

A 6-week interactive program that gives your team the tools they need to understand and take control of their daily habits.

Health & Wellness Seminars

Delievered on a range of topics, our health seminars and webinars are designed to engage employees and provide them with the information and skills they need to take control of their health.

Health Checks

We engage employees in a 30 minute, one-on-one health consult with one of our trained physiologists. From this, we then construct an individualised health plan to address the areas the employee needs to work on.

Group Exercise

Activities such as yoga, bootcamps, stretching groups and a range of other exercise options can be led before, during, or after work, whichever time would suit best. They can even be run online!

Stress Management

Our tried and tested stress management programs not only assess the levels of stress in your company, but actively manage them to keep your people working optimally.


We recommend how best to set up your workstations and assist in making any necessary changes.


Treat your staff to some onsite massage to boost their productivity and mood with some much needed relaxation.

**Available on-site only

Yoga & Pilates

Offered on-site or online, our experienced practitioners are the best in the business when it comes to getting your people moving.


Our customised, 6-session workshop teaches employees about the benefits of meditation and how they can use it in their daily lives to become more centred, focused and in control.

Flu Vaccinations

Flu vaccinations are administered to your staff by our registered nurse. This is a quick, easy, and cost-effective way to protect your staff and company from the growing concern that the influenza virus poses.

Skin Checks

Our 15-minute skin checks are conducted on-site to ensure maximum engagement. Our experienced practitioners use highly specialised technology to assess skin cancer risk amongst your workforce and ensure they’re made aware of any risks early.

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