Sun-Smart Staff: Onsite Employee Skin Checks

      • Regular skin checks greatly decrease the risk of developing harmful conditions. 

      • Early detection of dangerous cancers.

      • Be proactive about the health of your people.

      • Save your staff valuable time and effort. 

Skin checks are absolutely essential for Australians.

We have the highest rate of skin cancer in the world and more than two thirds of your workforce will be diagnosed with some form of skin cancer in their lives.

Despite this, people diagnosed with skin cancers (and specifically melanomas) have a very high survival rate when detected early.

This makes early detection and skin cancer screening critically important for all Australians.

Our onsite skin cancer checks are fast but thorough and include an education piece as well as a personalised skin cancer profile for mapping and tracking suspicious lesions.


The Kinex Health difference:

      • We only use experienced, trained professionals – so you can be sure that checks are done right.
      • Convenient and easy to attend – getting checked is a breeze when it’s only down the hall!
      • Quick runtime with minimal disruption to work – 15 minutes per person per year is all it takes.
      • Easy to use booking system – staff book in for a time that suits them and can easily update and edit that time if circumstances change. 
      • Personalised DermEngine profile – staff are given their own profile where suspicious lesions are mapped and photographed so they can be tracked over time.
      • Clear next steps – staff are given the information and guidance they need to follow up on any suspicious lesions. 
      • Follow up – staff with suspicious lesions are followed up over the coming weeks to ensure they’re taking the necessary next steps and getting the care they need.  

Skin cancer checks are one of the simplest and most effective screening tools you can provide your staff and can be the difference between catching a minor annoyance and developing a serious issue.

To see the importance of skin checks, and how to check your skin at home, take a look at the Cancer Council’s info pack here

Specialist conducting a skin check with a dermatoscope

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