Creating High-Performing Teams Who Don’t Burn out.

      • Upskill your people in health and wellbeing.

      • Effectively manage stress across the organisation. 

      • Create high-functioning teams.

      • Improve performance across the board.

      • Establish effective micro-cultures.

      • Drastically reduce the risk of burnout. 

Wellbeing dynamics encompass the interplay of factors and conditions that influence the physical, mental, and emotional health and wellbeing within groups of people. 

These dynamics are shaped by the environment, relationships, and circumstances that individuals encounter.

 At Kinex Health, we offer our custom Team Wellbeing Dynamics Workshop, which provides teams with a profound understanding of their wellbeing dynamics and the skills to positively impact their own and their colleagues’ health and wellbeing.

At Kinex Health, we empower teams by upskilling them in the following key areas:

        • Practical Health and Wellbeing Fundamentals: Equipping individuals with the knowledge and tools they need to stay healthy and well in their day-to-day lives.
        • Understanding Burnout and How to Mitigate It: Identifying the root causes of burnout within your teams and learning strategies to prevent it.
        • Managing and Maximising Energy: Teaching techniques to optimise energy levels for increased productivity.
        • Discovering Individual Performance Patterns: Helping individuals identify their unique performance patterns and how to leverage them for greater success.
        • Stress Identification and Mitigation: Recognising individual and team stressors and managing them effectively.
        • Establishing and Communicating Wellbeing Needs: Promoting open communication about wellbeing needs and support.
        • Collaborative Wellbeing Promotion: Encouraging teams to work together to enhance individual and collective wellbeing.

Participants in our Team Wellbeing Dynamics Workshop can expect the following outcomes:​

        • Improved individual awareness of what it takes to maintain practical health and wellbeing.

      • Teams equipped with wellbeing skills to balance requirements and resources effectively.

      • Enhanced understanding of how to motivate and engage team members for optimal performance.

      • Improved collaboration within the team.

      • Greater knowledge of stress management and its utilisation.

      • Increased individual responsibility and agency for health and wellbeing.

      • Enhanced appreciation for team members’ wellbeing.

      • Sustainable high performance over longer periods.

      • Increased job satisfaction and goodwill.

      • Healthier, more resilient teams.

      • Lower risk of burnout.

Employees taking part in the Kinex Health team wellbeing dynamics workshop.

How It Works

Our 3-hour in-person workshop is designed for teams of 10-15 people and their manager. 

In that time, we guide participants through the following process:

      • Pre-session Questionnaires: Participants complete questionnaires to provide insights into their current wellbeing dynamics.
      • In-Session Exercises: During the workshop, we engage teams in meaningful exercises to promote understanding and upskilling.
      • Post-Session Follow-Ups: We ensure that the workshop’s learnings are embedded by providing post-session follow-ups and ongoing support.

Whether for a single team or an entire organisation, our workshop creates micro-cultures of highly skilled teams that contribute to the broader organisational culture. Let us help your teams achieve peak performance, function and resilience while preventing burnout. 

For more info on Team Wellbeing Dynamics Workshops check out this article.

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