These are real people from various companies that we consult with. Whilst these stories are great examples, they are far from unique and represent a great many of the people we work with every day. Only the names have been changed.


Problem areas: Training injury – Recurring.
Wins: Corrected postural issues. 6 months injury free.
Sarah is a semi-professional athlete for whom training and nutrition are big focuses. She keeps up with the latest research and has even completed some nutrition studies to help with her performance. When she first came in, she was looking for some treatment on an injury she had sustained at training. Through her initial consultation, it was discovered that this injury (shoulder) was a recurring one, and it was most likely being caused by postural issues.

Sarah was given a simple rehab program to complete before her training each day to correct the issues. Three weeks later she was injury free, and 6 months down the line the injury has not recurred.


Problem Areas: Weight gain. Bad lifestyle habits. Poor sleep.
Wins: Weight Loss. Improved fitness. Healthy sleep patterns.

Bill is a 49 year old salesman who is always on the road. Like many in his line of work, he eats out a lot at service stations and fast food joints and says he doesn’t have time for exercise. He is in a high pressure environment (which he loves) and is slowly gaining weight and losing energy (which he does NOT love).

The first 2 months of working with us were a bit rocky for Bill. He knew that he had to make a change, and could see the value in the advice he was getting, but he couldn’t seem to stick to any sort of regular program. So, we stripped everything back and started as basic as we could. In 2 weeks Bill was drinking more water. Two weeks after that he was taking fruit in the car. Three weeks after that he was doing 7 minutes of HIIT every morning.

Now, a full year later, Bill is a shining example of what health on the go should look like. His diet has improved markedly, he sleeps better, and he never misses a workout. As a result Bill has lost 12kg’s, 14cm around his waist and has the energy to go all day. Bill is an absolute champion and a brilliant example of small changes adding up to big returns down the track. Bill, if you’re reading this, keep up the awesome work!


Problem Areas: Chronic back pain – suggested surgery.
Wins: Significantly less pain – surgery on hold.

Janet is a 34 year old event manager who suffers from chronic low back pain. She has been diagnosed with several pathologies, undergone 2 spinal surgeries and was due to get a spinal fusion at the end of last year.

Through working with us, Janet gained a much better understanding of her body and her injuries, and how to fix them. She is now relatively pain-free and improving every week. She has since been back to her orthopaedic surgeon who has told her that if she continues to show this level of improvement, she may not need the spinal fusion at all.


Problem Areas: Poor sleep. High stress levels.
Wins: Healthy sleep patterns. Proactive mind management. Happier.

Gary is an executive level employee who routinely puts in 70-80 hour weeks. He tries to exercise and eat well, but the stress of his job makes that difficult. His sleep suffers greatly and his family and social life are understandably affected. Up until a few months ago, Gary did not have any stress-management or mind-management practices and he felt as if he was on the verge of a breakdown. Despite his scepticism that anyone could help his situation, Gary was in desperate need of some assistance, so he relented and came in for a chat with the onsite Kinex Health consultant in his office.

After a few weeks of implementing the agreed upon strategies, Gary started to see improvements in his mood and energy. He was less irritable and found that he could get more work done in a shorter amount of time, leaving him more time with his family. Now, Gary works at managing his mind and his actions everyday. For him, this is a process. Some days are better than others, but all days are better than he was before, and he gets better and better at managing his stress levels every time we speak.

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