Your Own Personal Expert For All Things Health And Wellbeing.

      • Upskill your staff in health and wellbeing. 

      • Gain an instant, expert resource for everything to do with health and wellbeing. 

      • Provide staff with industry-leading mental and physical health support. 

      • Be proactive in your approach to health and wellbeing. 

Workplace Wellbeing Specialist conducting a consultation with a worker

Workplace Wellbeing specialists are trained experts that are dedicated to the wellbeing and performance of your workplace and workers.

Available online, in-person or a mixture of both, they provide a range of knowledge, skills, and services to help your business and people enhance their wellbeing and be at their best.

Our Workplace Wellbeing Specialists work with your staff to help them be as healthy and well as possible within their environments and circumstances, and work with you to enhance that environment and those circumstances to make it easier for staff to be healthy and well.

This means happier, healthier, higher performing staff who don’t burn out.

Workplace Wellbeing Specialists conduct a huge range of tasks for your organisation including (but not limited to):

      • Engaging staff in individual health and wellbeing consultations (Health coaching).
      • Provide physical and mental health support for staff
      • Wellbeing strategy and program design
      • Ergonomic assessments
      • Injury management and return to work programs
      • Assistance with managing the psychosocial safety climate
      • Leveraging their extensive networks to source the best available resources for you
      • Conducting workshops and training for leaders and staff on performance and wellbeing
      • Facilitating the delivery of the wellbeing program 
      • Conducting constant research and providing the most up to date advice and initiatives
      • Staying ahead of legislation, regulations and trends and proactively advising on the best ways to manage changes
      • Designing and delivering custom-built initiatives
      • Tracking and reporting on program ROI
      • And more…

All of this for just one flat daily rate. This is the beauty of leveraging experts in this field and the future of how workplace wellbeing is being handled.

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