“Our people are noticeably more engaged, and every single health measure has seen a marked improvement.”

Head of Procurement, Alcon

“Kinex Health's corporate fitness program helped keep our team motivated and connected amid the COVID-19 situation.”

Head of PR & Communications, Menulog

“Quite a number of our team members have lost weight, gained fitness and had ailments treated.”

Head of HR, Credit24

“From a logistical standpoint, their implementation was seamless and the activities were thoroughly appreciated.”

Event Manager, M Events

Transformational Workplace Wellness Programs

Increase your bottom line with guaranteed improvements to your employees’ physical health, mental health and personal wellness. These changes have a direct positive impact on workplace culture, employee productivity, absenteeism, workers compensation claims and employee retention.

Our Performance Benchmarks

These are the average outcomes across all of our high risk participants who have been with us for at least 12 months. Our benchmarks are unedited and transparent. Achieving positive results like these with Kinex Health is guaranteed.





Blood Sugar






Sleep Quality



Energy Level



Stress Level


This boosts productivity, reduces absenteeism & workers compensation claims, and improves employee retention.

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Alcon Case Study

“If you're an HR director or a senior manager that has the capability of bringing this kind of program to employees, you really need to examine what would stop you helping them bring their best to work.”

HR Director Aus / NZ, Alcon

Working With Us


We build you a bespoke workplace wellness program and seamlessly put it into action. Throughout the whole process, we give real-time feedback, regular progress reports, and track the wellbeing of your workforce. The outcomes of our programs are closely, and constantly measured. Our workplace wellness programs are individually tailored for every client, but they often include:

  • Health checks

  • Group fitness

  • Habit change

  • Ergonomics

  • Meditation

  • Stress management

  • Skin checks

  • Flu vaccination

Our workplace wellness experts Phil Wolffe, and Dave Williams, lead our programs.

Phil is a workplace wellness expert and has delivered over 25,000 health consultations.

Dave (pictured), a former Rugby League international and premiership winner, is a personal trainer and specialist in proper movement and body mechanics.

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We’ll send you a no-obligation sample workplace wellness program, free of charge.

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