Do you know how much more a healthy employee can bring to your business?

Are all team members reaching their expected, effective work hours every month?

Are you aware of how much mental stress claims are costing you?

No two employees are the same, let’s look at some of our latest examples



Sick Days / year


Productive work hrs / month


Compensation claim risk

Doesn’t exercise, eats food from the packet or the café, sleeps terribly and thinks mindfulness is for
hippies. She always feels busy and under pressure but usually only gets about 50 productive work hours a
month. Is sick
3-4 weeks a year and is barreling towards a compensation claim.



Sick Days / year


Productive work hrs / month

Low / Moderate

Compensation claim risk

Diet is up and down, gets to the gym when he can, and often feels unrested in the mornings.
He puts in his all at work but usually tops out at 100 productive work hours a month, and needs the full
2 weeks of sick leave every year to recharge.



Sick Days / year


Productive work hrs / month


Compensation claim risk

Exercises regularly, eats well, meditates, and sleeps like a baby. As a result, she’s almost never
sick, can focus clearly and breezes through 140 productive work hours a month.

Sound familiar? Picture a bunch of Karens becoming more like Jeff... and then Jeffs transforming into Rachel.

Now what does your workplace look like?

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So how do we improve productivity and fill your workplace with positive, healthy employees?

Find out what you want

We chat management objectives with you and build a targeted survey based on your needs.

Find out what your people want

We meet your staff and ask via our new survey, how they’re going and what they want.

Find out what your people need

We use current data to define health risks (with some help from HR).

Work our magic!

We create a calendar of health programs, set goals and objectives, create a step-by-step plan then – implement!

Is all this possible with teams working from home?
Absolutely. Almost all of our services can be delivered online.

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What could your bespoke program look like?

Answer a few simple questions and we’ll get back to you in a flash with a range of suitable programs.

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What’s the Kinex Health difference?

At Kinex Health, we build you a bespoke health program and seamlessly put it into action, transforming your workplace. We give real time feedback and regular progress reports so we can track the well-being of your people, and your business.

We guarantee positive return on investment (ROI) through improved health outcomes for your employees.


Every business, body and mind is different. Our custom-built programs are designed specifically to meet the needs of every business and it’s people.


Our programs give your company and employees the tools and support they need to make meaningful, lasting changes to their physical health,mental health, well-being and culture.


Through business-wide behaviour change, our health and productivity improvements directly impact your bottom line. We guarantee results.

The Kinex Health Guarantee

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