Build Good Habits, Break Bad Habits

      • Our hybrid Habit Change Program is delivered face to face and virtually for maximum engagement.

      •  Improve the health and wellbeing of your staff.

      • Improve staff productivity and performance.

      • Build a culture of wellbeing amongst your teams.

The difference between healthy, productive, high-performers and unhealthy, average level workers is the habits they cultivate.

Habits make up more than half of what we do each day, and whether or not we succeed in our goals will come down to how able to control these habits we are.

Our specialised Habit Change Program is the result of many years of research and thousands of individual consultations condensed into a self-paced, online course.

The program doesn’t get bogged down in academic explanations, it focuses on the practicality of how to build and break habits, distilling the process down into step by step instructions that anyone can use to succeed.

We guarantee that your staff will benefit from this program and you and they will see a measurable improvement in daily habits.


Included in your Habit Change Program:

      • 60 minute face-to-face interactive seminar (webinar included for remote employees).

      • Full access to the online, self-paced Habit Change Program course for all staff.

      • Weekly topics delivered through the course via video and text.

      • 5 concise, weekly lectures of 2–3 minutes on each topic to keep employees informed and engaged.

      • Weekly exercises to elicit action and promote meaningful change.

      • Suite of templates to keep that can be applied to any habit or situation. 

      • Option to call or video conference a habit change specialist to assist with any aspect of the program.

      • Company-wide report showing program effectiveness.

We are what we repeatedly do, and the better habits we can cultivate, the better our lives and performance will be.

The beauty of this is that habits are far simpler to change than we think, as long as we know the right levers to pull.

Our habit change program is simple, practical and extremely accessible and could be the difference between staff who let their habits run their lives and a high functioning team who feel empowered to take control for themselves. 

A woman going for a bike ride and practicing the skills she learned in the habit change program.

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