For health professionals and Human Resources managers, this is a comprehensive guide on how to run workplace wellness programs effectively within your organisation

Over the course of 8 modules, Phil explains the exact process we use at Kinex Health to plan, design, and implement workplace health programs for our clients. By undertaking this course, you will gain the knowledge of how to run a workplace health program in your organisation, and take ownership of your employees’ health.

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About This Course


  Complete template to create your wellness program

  Accessible on smartphones, laptops and desktops

  Video and text-based learning

  12 months course access

  14 day money back guarantee

  Discounts available for ESSA members (email Phil for discount code)


Course Curriculum

The Business Case For Workplace Health Programs

Why We Need Them and Why They Make Good Business Sense

The Objectives Of Workplace Health

How To Identify, Define And Plan For Your Objectives

The 5 D’s Of Workplace Health

What Every Program Needs To Succeed

Discovering Your Issues

How To Find And Define The Real Health Issues In Your Company

Designing Your Program

How To Assess Each Issue Specifically

Delegating Responsibility

How To Source The Right People For The Job

Delivering Your Program

Taking Action And Not Getting Bogged Down In Planning

Determining Success

How To Measure Progress And Pivot Accordingly


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