For busy professionals, this course strengthens your mental resilience to deal with the pressures of high stress environments

This 8-week interactive program is designed to teach you all about stress, and how to build resilience and self-efficacy. You will be given the tools to recognise and change your perception, mindset, and thought patterns and be shown how to harness them to build resilience and improve your mental health to live your best life.

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About This Course

  Self-paced, 15 minutes per week

  Accessible on smartphones, laptops and desktops

  Video and text-based learning

  12 months course access

  14 day money back guarantee


Course Curriculum

Module 1: Understanding Stress

1.1 The Stress Response (2:33)

1.2 The Stress Response Part 2 (2:20)

1.3 Stress Effects (2:56)

1.4 What Causes Stress (1:41)

1.5 Our Brain Is The Problem, and The Solution (1:54)

Week 1 Quiz

Module 2: Singling Out Stress

2.1 Singling Out Stress (2:12)

2.2 The 4 A's of Stress Management (0:58)

2.3 Avoid (1:52)

2.4 Alter (3:37)

Week 2 Quiz

Module 3: Mindfulness

3.1 Mindfulness (2:00)

3.2 Pay Attention (1:21)

3.3 Just Breathe (3:19)

3.4 Complete Focus (1:28)

3.5 Focus Techniques (3:18)

Week 3 Quiz

Module 4: Procrastination and Productivity

4.1 Time Pressure (1:26)

This Week's Mindfulness Activity (0:31)

4.2 Why do we procrastinate? (1:22)

4.3 How to stop procrastinating (2:31)

4.4 The Ivy-Lee Method (1:53)

4.5 The Ivy-Eisenhower Method (2:12)

Week 4 Quiz

Module 5: Perception

5.1 Perception (1:10)

This Week's Mindfulness Activity (0:28)

5.2 Confirmation Bias (2:16)

5.3 Illusory Correlation (2:50)

5.4 You can change your thoughts (2:50)

5.5 How to change your thoughts (2:08)

Week 5 Quiz

Module 6: Purpose

6.1 What is your purpose? (2:03)

This Week's Mindfulness Activity (0:34)

6.2 Question your purpose (1:15)

6.3 Know your purpose (1:02)

6.4 Live on Purpose(1:03)

6.5 Take Action(2:40)

Week 6 Quiz

Module 7: Resilience

7.1 Resilience (1:50)

This Week's Mindfulness Activity (0:48)

7.2 Make Mistakes (2:06)

7.3 Consistency (2:39)

7.4 Relationships (1:26)

7.5 Take Care of Yourself (2:47)

Week 7 Quiz

Module 8: Acceptance

8.1 Acceptance (2:41)

This Week's Mindfulness Activity (1:08)

8.2 Why should I? (1:42)

8.3 Emotions Are a Suggestion (2:29)

8.4 Moving On(2:37)

8.5 Practice(1:45)


Here’s what attendees say

I found the course extremely useful in learning different techniques with effectively managing many of life’s stressors – especially with extraordinarily high work pressures and demands. Phillip uses a number of different techniques from accredited resources, simplifies them, and applies these to current and relevant challenges. The course is broken down into short, 2 minute videos containing achievable tasks with the aim of self-improvement, which have greatly assisted my general physical and mental health. For such minimal input, I was able to achieve huge results. It is super effective. – Cindy

The Kinex Mental Resilience program has taught me how to be more aware of myself, my emotions, and my reactions. This is impacting every aspect of my life – at work, at home and at my hobbies. Phil explains WHY we should be more mindful in our lives, rather than just HOW, which helps me understand my triggers, and how to minimise the impact of these. I am able to stay calm, focused, and I really stay in the moment, to give 100% attention to the task or activity I am completing. – Miranda

The mental resilience training we have done with Kinex was a big step forward for us. Not only do the results speak for themselves, but the course has helped to normalise mental exercise in the office and encouraged our employees to speak up and share their mental health journeys. Off the back of this, we will be taking up the habit change program soon. – Peter

Having completed the mental resilience program, and spoken about it with our employees, I can say with confidence that this has improved us as a whole. The modules were relevant and full of info, but short enough to hold attention. I would highly recommend this program to anyone wanting to learn more about the world around them and, more importantly, inside them. – Sarah

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