This course helps you understand infectious diseases and how to control for them in an office environment, safely and practically

This course has been created by physiologists, nurses, doctors and infectious disease experts, using the latest information available from the WHO, Australian Department of Health, Safe Work Australia, Centers for Disease Control, the National COVID-19 Coordination Commission and peer-reviewed journal articles to teach you everything you need to know to return to the office safely and effectively.

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About This Course

  Self-paced, 90 minutes

  Accessible on smartphones, laptops and desktops

  Video and text-based learning

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Course Curriculum

Background Info

Pathogens (1:13)

What is COVID19 and how does it affect the body? (1:28)

Why is it so dangerous? (0:25)

Signs and symptoms of COVID19 (0:44)

Background Info Quiz

Microorganism transmission

How is COVID19 transmitted? (0:54)

The Chain of Infection (1:50)

Droplet transmission (3:08)

Microorganism Transmission Quiz

Your personal responsibilities

Your personal responsibilities (0:35)

When should I stay home? (0:56)

Maintain 1.5m of physical distance (0:33)

Cough and sneeze etiquette (0:46)

Hand washing (1:59)

Hand sanitising (1:30)

Washing your hands vs using hand sanitiser (0:56)

When should you practice hand hygiene? (0:56)

Clean your area before and after use (1:08)

Cleaning vs disinfecting (1:06)

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) (1:47)

What if I suspect a co-worker has COVID19? (3:28)

What if I suspect I have COVID19? (3:03)

Your personal responsibilities Quiz

Rights and responsibilities

Your employer's responsibilities (2:05)

Your rights as a worker (1:14)

Rights and responsibilities quiz

What to expect and how to act

Commute to work (1:42)

Public Transport (0:59)

Greetings (0:30)

Hot Desking (1:09)

Food areas (0:58)

Meetings (0:47)

Bathrooms (1:04)

Deliveries (0:48)

Dealing with customers (0:36)

Printers and other equipment (0:32)

What to expect and how to act Quiz

Your mental health

Your mental health (4:14)

Final Quiz

End of content (0:21)

Final Quiz


What did you think?

References and resources



References and resources

Immune Health

Immune Health Webinar



At the end of this course you will:

  • Have a better understanding of COVID-19, it’s mechanisms of action and the signs and symptoms of infection.
  • Gain useful background knowledge on pathogens and how they spread.
  • Learn the different mechanisms of pathogen transmission and how to effectively stop it.
  • Acquire an in-depth knowledge of how to approach everyday situations in an office setting safely.
  • Know exactly what your responsibilities are to your workplace, your colleagues, yourself and the wider community so you can act appropriately in any situation.
  • Learn about the immune system and what you can do to support it in the event that infection does occur.
  • Be able to employ effective strategies to protect your mental health during this pandemic.


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